Our coaches recognize individual strengths and challenges, and tailor programs so all kids develop their greatest potential.


“I cannot say enough about Coach Kee and all the coaches. My daughter Addison started when she was four years old and she’s now almost eight. To say she is a challenge, is an understatement. Coach Kee has invested her all in my daughter, and has transformed her into a little girl who understands that health and exercise is an integral part of her life forever. Coach Kee’s patience, love, and respect have inspired her to grow into her potential. We are beyond blessed to have found her and her program. She works with not only the kids, but the whole family…Fitness is fun at Coach Kee’s Fun Fitness.”

-The Warner Family

“Coach Kee has been a lifesaver for our family. Our daughter Bella has been in this fitness program for four and a half years. This was a child who was not athletically inclined. Coach Kee taught her how to play sports, work out properly, positive self-esteem, sportsmanship, and good nutrition. I think the world of Coach Kee. She is such a positive, highly motivated, inspiring person. She deeply cares about the kids and trains and educates them with enthusiasm, kindness, and love. I consider Coach Kee a phenomenal trainer, motivator, and friend. I am eternally grateful for all the time, energy, and caring she has brought to our family.”

-The Levin Family

“Thank you for all the wonderful, important work you do. It’s not easy to be a mentor and coach. It comes very naturally to you and your coaches. It’s a gift-your gift. I urge you to continue this important mission. These kids and parents depend on your skills and love. Your flexible and open mind is a moving force behind your success. The authentic and true feelings you put into every day are felt by everyone. Keep being you and reinventing yourself. Keep loving these kids. They all love you. You’ve touched their souls forever. Always grateful.”

-The Mcabian Family

“Coach Kee is my best friend. She puts up with whining and refusing to do workouts and finds a way to make me laugh and exercise with her crazy stories.”

-*Grace-age 15

“I love Coach Kee. Words cannot describe the love I have for her. She’s one of the most inspirational, kind, amazing, loving, humble, honest, funny, and understanding people in existence. I am so grateful to have her as a role model. I truly feel that if I did not have her in my life, that I would be a completely different person. I have learned so many important lessons from her that will remain with me for the rest of my life.”

-*Rosie-age 15

“Coach Kee is such a fun, amazing, and great person. Since I came to Coach Kee’s Fun Fitness, I started paying more attention to what I eat and do. I have been way more active, and have grown a large appreciation for fitness. When I found out that I had to leave because we were moving, I was really sad, and I cried for a long time. All of the coaches and everyone will always be in my heart.”

-*Katie (age 12)

“Coach Kee and the coaches are the best.”

-*Nina (age 8)

“Coach Kee has gotten me into shape and kept me there. She’s also helped me talk to my mom. Her advice really helped.”

-*Brian (age 13)

“Coach Kee rocks.”

-Jilly (age 12)

“My kids love Coach Kee. They’ve been going for years for different needs. They have learned so much-not just physical fitness but attitude and motivation. Thanks.”

-Suzanne G.

“Coach Kee has helped me be fit.”

-Allison (age 10)

“Coach Kee is an amazing coach.”

-Eli (age 13)

“Coach Kee is the best place I ever went to. I love all the coaches and kids that also go to Coach Kee’s. Kids should go to Coach Kee’s because they are great teachers. I love Coach Kee.”

-Tristan (age 10)

“Coach Kee is sunshine, an inspiration, and a generous spirit. Thank you for adding a positive influence in our whole family’s lives.”

-The Rudford Family