20 years of experience

Graduate of UCLA BA, Master of Science In Communication Disorders,
Member of Asha National Organization of SLPs


The ability to communicate lies in the ability to express and understand words. It is the primary means of establishing and maintaining feelings of self-esteem, relating to others, as well as a purpose and meaning in life. As such, communication is an integral part of one’s quality of life and one’s social relationships. Conversely, the communicatively impaired individual experiences much more than a breakdown in his ability to understand and/or express words. He simultaneously experiences a breakdown in the quality of his life and self worth.

Speech Therapy Services

Speech therapy is offered to children and adults with speech and language problems including Apraxia, Aphasia, Dysphagia, Voice disorders, Dysarthria, Stuttering, Autism, Articulation, Auditory processing and language deficits. Evaluations and assessments on all age populations are provided to determine the need for speech therapy and to devise the most beneficial speech plan. My philosophy is that speech therapy should provide functional communication so the impaired individual can get their needs and wants met. I provide strategies to families for facilitating communication outside of the therapy setting.

Medical insurance super bills and Medicare billing is provided.

Adult Programs

Adults who have experienced a CVA and have diminished communication abilities and individuals with decreased vocal quality are served by our trained therapists. We help individuals who suffer for Apraxia, Aphasia, Dysphagia, Dysarthria, Vocal Nodules, Vocal Cord Paralysis and Dysphonia.

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Your child could benefit from speech services if you observe the following:

Children Programs

Children who have problems communicating because of expressive language delays, articular disorders, auditory processing, autism, stuttering, pragmatic social language delays all will benefit from treatment. My philosophy is that functional language is important so that chiller can navigate their environment with positive interaction outcomes.

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  • Child does not respond to his/her name.
  • Child does not use “yes” or “no” by age 2.
  • Child does not use 2 and 3 word phrases by age 2.
  • Child has auditory processing problems.
  • Child has difficulty accessing school curriculum. Child has receptive and expressive language delays.
  • Child is experiencing fluency problems (stuttering).
  • Child does not answer questions by age 3.
  • Speech is unintelligible and/or has poor articulation comprising understanding.

What Patients Say

At 3 years old, my son Nicholas was diagnosed with severe verbal and oral Apraxia and Autism. We were told that he would live in his own world and never talk. We didn’t want to accept that prediction, so we immediately started speech therapy which was very frustrating for Nicholas. Then when Nicholas was 3 1/2 years old, we met Carol and everything began turn around. Carol was able to reach and engage Nicholas in a way he enjoyed and his frustration lessened tremendously. Carol saw what we saw and thought that Nicholas is smart, knew that Nicholas is smart and knew what was happening around him. He couldn’t verbalize it and so he would get frustrated. Carol told us she believed he would talk if we worked together as a team. I have driven my son 40 minutes each way, two days per week, for 6 1/2 years and my son is talking!! Carol told us when we started this world be a marathon, -not a sprint- and she was right. Nicholas is 10 1/2 years old now and he verbalized his wants and needs, engages in exchanges, in conversations with others, says simple sentences and greets people. Carol still continues to work hard with Nicholas in ways that continue to engage and encourage him to communicate verbally. We are so lucky and thankful that Carol continues on this journey with us.


Carol, It has been 10 years since the day that I had my stroke. I can’t believe it’s been that long. I’ve come a long way thanks to you. I know my life would be a lot different if I didn’t have you as a speech therapist. You were patient with me and knew just what I needed. You didn’t dumb down my therapy. I wasn’t comfortable talking to clients for about a year and a half, but since you knew a lot about Real Estate you took my therapy in that direction. Eventually, you had me doing financial analysis on buildings. I thank you for that. Now it’s become a friendship as well. In testament to you, people I talk to now that didn’t know me before say “I didn’t know you had a stroke, I couldn’t tell.” A physical therapist that I’ve frequently worked with for the last two years at Northridge Hospital as a volunteer in the Rehab facility said, “I didn’t know you had a stroke”( I thought I had told all of the therapists but she didn’t know). It really made me feel good. We have a lot of stroke victims in the rehab department at the hospital and some really have trouble with their speech or can’t talk at all. But I give them hope when they see how well I can talk and tell them I had to learn to speak all over again after my stroke. You’ve changed my life and I can’t thank you enough.


November 30, 2016

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